Course Description for Leisure and Tourism Subjects

Project Management

This course teaches the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.

Resort & Hotel Operations Management

Focuses on the technical aspects of resort and hotel operations and management with particular emphasis on quality standards, efficiency, and cost controls.

Sports and Events Tourism

This course focuses on advanced planning and managing of sports and special events, from ideas and concepts through the actual event implementation and follow-up.

Tourism Laws & Regulations

This course familiarizes the students with the applicable tourism laws and regulations that practitioners in the industry must know.

Tourism Marketing

This course teaches the basics of marketing as applied to the tourism and leisure industry.

Tourism Planning and Development

This course is intended to initially develop knowledge of the advanced principles and practices of tourism for all students via the coursework. Students will develop a common understanding of the advanced theories and concepts of the business of tourism internationally within the context of its environmental, socio-cultural, and environmental consequences.

Tour and Travel Agency Operations and Management

This course discusses the basic and advanced travel and tour operations and management principles and practices.

Transportation Management

This course focuses on the development of major transportation systems and their marketing function as an integral part of the leisure and tourism trade. The different modes of transportation, including rates and services will be discussed.