Course Descriptions for Leisure and Tourism Subjects

Accounting Appreciation for Non-Accountants

This course is an introductory course in accounting for those who will not be accountants but who nevertheless have to understand accounting in order to make business decisions
Eco-Tourism and Regional Planning

This course focuses on the sustainable utilization of the natural environment as a component of tourism development, including the identification, development, and operation of eco-tourism products and programs.

Food &Beverage Service Management

This course analyzes the principal operating problems facing managers in the food and beverage service industry.

Health and Spa Tourism

The management and operations of health and spa establishments and resorts and their services, including the technical and administrative aspects will be the subject of this course.

Intrapreneurial Tourism

This course focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary to recognize opportunities in the field of leisure and tourism management, and moving beyond the recognition of these opportunities to identification, selection & implementation of leisure and tourism-related businesses.

International Tourism and Leisure Markets

This course is an introduction to the international scope of travel, tourism, and leisure markets.

Introduction to Tourism and Leisure

This course provides a foundation for the concept of tourism and leisure management as a system. It is an introductory study of the various interrelated components of the industry, such as international and domestic travel and tourism, destination planning and development, tour and travel distribution systems, attraction and entertainment systems and the hospitality industry.

Managerial Accounting for Tourism Enterprises

This course is a basic course in managerial accounting (for decision-making) crafted specifically for the issues pertaining to the tourism and leisure industry.

Philippine Arts and Cultural Tourism

This course is an exposition to the various art and cultural wealth of the Philippines, and their value as a touristic destination for foreign tourists.