Course Descriptions

BA-107  Practicum (3 units)

Enables incoming seniors to acquire working experience in business. The course requires a minimum of 200 hours in actual work.

BA-52.1  Advertising and Promotion Management (3 units)

This subject deals with the issues regarding the competition for the consumers’ attention. Advertising penetrates almost all aspects of daily life. Hence, effective techniques in acquiring the consumers’ attention are a key requirement. This subjects examines the role and use of advertising and promotion within the marketing function. An overview and evaluation of different advertising products, such as: trimedia (print/ radio/ television), mail (mass mailing and directed mailing) and electronic media will be covered. Public relations, publicity and sales promotion will also be examined.

BAE-102  Hardware and Software Basics (3 units)

This course is designed to help students understand the basics of computer hardware and software as the move toward conducting electronic commerce. Covers hardware components, operating systems and application used in the inter/ intra/ extranet and e-commerce, in particular.

BAE-103  Supply Chain Management (3 units)

Gives more emphasis on creating and maintaining the supply chain essentials to support a business enterprise using the internet as a tool.

BAE-104  Designing and Developing Websites (5 units)

This course gives a overview of designed strategies, focusing on effective websites. It included an introduction to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), as well as layout and content issues. This course emphasizes hands-on experience in building a webpage with HTML and webpage design tools.

BAE-106  E-Commerce Issues (3 units)

This course explores the critical, technical, legal and ethical issues in doing business through the internet such as: hypermarkets (auctions and agents), channel conflict, trust, network security and encryption, invasion of privacy, intellectual property, abuse and netiquette, and governance (including taxation). It will constantly be updated to include new and current issues affecting electronic commerce.

BAE-107  International trade (3 units)

International trade or foreign trade provides students with perspectives in the different societies, cultures, political beliefs, economic systems, and opportunities for personal growth. This course will emphasize an awareness of the importance if history, geography, language, cultural studies, research skills, and continuing education in the creation of an opportunity outside our national border.

BAF- 101  Financial Institutions (3 units)

Familiarizes the students with the structures, functions and mechanisms by which the different financial institutions operate. The subject covers commercial banks, investment houses, insurance companies, finance companies, and savings banks.

BAF-102  Investment Management (3 units)

Studies investment policy for individuals and institutions, the structures of rated in the financial markets, the problem of investment timing and selection, the principles of financial analysis of individual security issues.

BAF-103  Capital & Debt Markets (3 units)

The subject examines the interrelationships among equity and fixed income markets. Topics covered include the cost of money in bond markets, pricing of stocks and bonds, and other factors the influence decision-making.

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