Course Descriptions

BAF-104  Advanced Finance (3 units)

Focuses upon the corporation with its own set of circumstances and how its financial system related to the other function within the firm. Policy making in the financial aspects of the corporation is accomplished through decisions made in asset allocation, capital structure mix, dividend policy, optimum debt levels ans capacity valuation in the market.

                        Pre-requisite:  MG-103

BAF-105  Personal Financial Planning (3 units)

This subject is an introduction to the field of personal financial planning. It surveys the market for the personal financial planning services (or wealth management); the development of personal financial planning as an independent financial services profession; the ethics of the profession and career opportunities.

It examines the approaches to the client relationship and utilizes the investment management tools in analyzing and evaluating a client’s investments goals and objectives in the light of his risk tolerance. Quantitative methods used in financial planning (analysis of personal balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow projections); insurance and estate planning; tax planning, and other similar tools with be used in arriving at decisions for specific financial choices.

BAF-106  International Finance (3 units)

This subject focuses on the tools, instruments, and techniques of international trade finance, including issues in managing and hedging exchange rate risk, export credit guarantees, and commodity financing. It will also examine valuation techniques for foreign investments, international financial instruments and contracts, and cross border financing decisions.

                        Pre-requisite: MG-103

BAM-101  Marketing Research (3 units)

Familiarize the students with the techniques used in marketing research. Selected problems in the analysis of sales records, forecasting, estimating sales potentials, sampling consumer demand, and determining the factors which influence demand foe specific goods are discussed.

                        Pre-requisites: MG-106/M-108

BAM-102  Pricing Strategy (3 units)

This subject examines within the marketing framework, the strategic and tactical aspects of pricing decisions, using both qualitative (consumer behavior and psychology) and quantitative (economics, statistics, and financial forecasting) analyses. Examines how pricing policies should be set.

BAM-103  Sales Management (3 units)

Discusses problems and policies in the management of the sales force of both manufacturing and commercial enterprises. Emphasizes sales analysis, planning and control., sales organization and personal selling.

BAM-104  Advertising (3 units)

Touches on the fundamental principles of advertising, the methods of representative advertisers, and problems of advertising generally encountered by business executives.

                        Pre-requisite: BA-103

BAM-105  International Marketing (3units)

Touches on the problems and policies of international marketing with emphasis on foreign analysis and export feasibility, foreign trade promotion, export-import procedures and requirements, which are all considered from the Philippines perspective.

                        Pre-requisite: MG-102

BAM-106  Advanced Marketing Issues (3 units)

This subject is intended to update the knowledge and skills of students regarding new/ contemporary marketing issues, approaches, and techniques.

1.       Nature and the various methods of appreciating and valuing transactions and their limitations will be the principal approach.

2.       The proper interpretation of financial data/ statements/ reports for the purpose of assisting in the decision-making process.

The procedure of bookkeeping, journalizing, posting the preparation of worksheets,  financial statements, and adjusting and closing entries will also be discussed.

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