Junior Financial Executives (JFINEX)

The MC Junior Finance executives provides a venue for students enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in Finance, to network with professional financial organization.


JFINEX Miriam College Chapter intends to stand as the finest student-organization in the country living-up to its core values: excellence, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.


JFINEX MC Chapter is a proactive organization interested in developing students to become ethical business professionals as it aims to:
- Create foresight by enriching members with skills and knowledge suited for their particular level and need to prepare them holistically;
- Foster an environment which stimulates academic, professional, creative, and spiritual development;
- Involve each member in charitable works for the society and the environment;
- Build stronger relationships with its past and present members;
- Develop corporate relations and rewarding and lasting ties with members from other chapters;
- Go beyond diversity of ideas, culture, religion, and backgrounds to provide equal career development opportunities for all members and not let those become a barrier to success.

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